Photo by Jessica Castro

Photo by Jessica Castro

Zooey Magazine started with a simple vision – to empower women through entertainment. Founding Editor-in-Chief Lucia Tran was only 16 when she created Zooey Magazine in 2010, and for over 4 years, she fought against the social standards on how women should be and how they should appear.

Name: The name ‘Zooey’ (sounds like Chloe), derived from J.D. Salinger’s protagonist Zooey, a character in his beloved novel “Franny and Zooey.” Zooey was described as a person of genuine intelligence and sophistication. By creating a magazine that reflects a mere image of Zooey, Lucia hoped to convey an inspiring and enjoyable atmosphere for forward 20 and 30-somethings who enjoy meaningful reading and beautiful art.

Content: Since Zooey’s launch, Zooey has thrived as a collaborative and vintage-inspired magazine covering topics like female entrepreneurship, crafts, entertainment, living simply and beautifully, and much more. Zooey doesn’t ever want to serve as a guideline as to how one should live, but rather as an inspiration to brighten paths, days, and to shed light on women’s beauty and power.

Mission: Zooey is, and always will be, a dialogue for the everyday woman.

Note: *No subjects featured in Zooey Magazine (both print and online) are retouched to maintain an honest representation of both women and men.*

Main header photo c/o Jessica Castro